Max url length? (LONG texts?)

Posted in General by David Gerding Mon Nov 16 2015 01:14:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)·4·Viewed 947 times

I got a "url too long" error when testing extraction for a longer (about 11,000 words) text. What's the right way to post longer texts? What's the known limit for uri encoding? Thanks, Dave
Amir M. Saeid
Nov 16, 2015

Hi David,

Which endpoint is it?

David Gerding
Nov 16, 2015

Hi Amir,
I'm using the C# library and doing a combined post to "entities", "concepts", "classify", "sentiment", "summarize". (See code below). I'll try getting one endpoint at a time and see if I can figure out which one is rejecting the call.

var endpoints = new string[] {"entities", "concepts", "classify", "sentiment", "summarize"};

var combined = client.Combined(text: textToSearch, endpoints: endpoints);

David Gerding
Nov 16, 2015

I tested the call using each endpoint name one at a time and got the same uri length exceeded error.

Hamed Ramezanian
Jan 4, 2016

@david Hi David, sorry for delayed reply. Can you please let me know which version of the C# SDK you are using?

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