How does 'semantic labelling' handle non-dictionary words such as company names?

Posted in General by Dan de Havilland Fri Nov 27 2015 14:17:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 833 times

I am submitting the following text related to a company: 'My company is called Superacme' And providing Superacme as a candidate label, but it returns a zero for relevance. However, if I try with: 'My company is called Acme' I get a resounding 0.55 for the relevance of Acme. Does this mean that the semantic labelling feature only supports common/dictionary words?
Amir M. Saeid
Nov 30, 2015

Hi Dan,

That's right. The classifier uses a document corpus as its knowledge base. It's not all common/dictionary words though, but they must had been seen in some context.

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