Can I create a new domain/industry for aspect-based analysis

Posted in General by Paul Roberts Tue Feb 07 2017 10:21:54 GMT+0000 (UTC)·4·Viewed 697 times

Hi, I'm working with customer feedback that's received across surveys, online reviews and social media posts. However it doesn't relate to the existing domain/industry options within the aspect-based analysis. Am I able to create my own industry/domain and use that instead? Thanks, Paul
Mike Waldron
Feb 7, 2017

Hi Paul,

Yes this something we can help with. Can you drop me a mail on and I'll talk you through the process.



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Paul Roberts
Feb 7, 2017

Thanks for your fast reply Mike, email sent.

Jesús Martínez
Mar 10, 2017


I'm having the same limitation. An email to has been sent.


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