Introduction to the Search UI for Developers

The Search UI has been built for News API users to help them build, test, and iterate their News API queries with ease.

The Search UI will help you get up and running with the API by providing a simple query builder that utilizes a number of our core search parameters. With the Search UI you’ll get instant access to your query results in a simple, readable format, which can be reproduced using our Stories endpoint, as well as useful insights and charts that are generated using our Time Series, Trends, and Clusters endpoints. These insights are particularly useful for refining your queries and ensuring you’re only getting access to the data that matters to you.

The Search UI also exposes your query as a usable API request that can be exported for use in your own environment.

All users on a trial of the News API will have access to the Search UI. If you are a current paying News API customer and you’d like to get access to the Search UI please contact sales or your customer success rep who can grant you access.

Video guides to using Search UI

Getting started with the Search UI for Developers

Search UI for developers: an- in depth walkthrough